Seasoned Firewood Logs & Kindling.

We provide firewood logs which have been seasoned to ensure easy lighting and maximum heat release, perfect for your log burner, open fire or fire pit. Our firewood logs are a mix of hard and softwoods largely sourced from local tree surgery work throughout Wythall, Hollywood and South Birmingham generally.

We can supply enough firewood for a single cosy night in or a bulk delivery to stock up your log shed or garage so that you’re never short of winter fuel. In addition to seasoned firewood, we also provide pre-bagged coal and kindling to make lighting your log burner easy.

Our deliveries of either a builder’s tonne bag or a full load of firewood can be dropped on your drive, perfect for that festive atmosphere as the nights draw in. For those who prefer a traditional longer burn we can also supply deliveries of  seasoned oak firewood.

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